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Aerial Imaging & Topographic Land Surveys


"Difficult takes a day, impossible takes two."






About Us

We offer a complete aerial imagery and survey solution to a wide range of industries and sectors throughout the UK.

We use the latest professional grade unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones. We hold a current Permission for Aerial Work from the UK Civil Aviation Authority and carry full professional UAV insurance.

Our state-of-the-art technology delivers stunning results at a fraction of the cost of traditional manned aerial photography.

We can provide land surveys for AutoCad applications, HD and Ultra HD video surveys throughout the entire UK.

Once data has been captured via the drone it can be used to visualise the results in a digital format or as a hard copy 3D print. We aim to give our clients access to the latest technologies to enable them to deliver results in the widest range of mediums.



Professional Results

In order to achieve dependable and reliable results we use the very latest professional grade equipment, knowledge and software.

Our UAV, stabilising system, and camera are all developed by the same company which ensures an unparalleled level of stabilisation in flight.

On the ground we use the latest hand held stabilised camera system for HD footage and Nikon DSLR's for still photography.

We use industry standard software to interpret the data captured and output it to the highest standards. For topographic surveys we use the same world leading software that NASA use.

Our commitment to providing the highest standard of results possible depends on the right staff, training, software and hardware which is why we're always looking to the future to see what the next development may bring.

















Estate Agents

Whether you're marketing a mansion set in 40 acres of woodland or a new-build on the latest housing development nothing adds more perspective than good aerial photography.

We've taken our extensive experience gathered from providing aerial images to the construction industry and applied it to the real estate industry with astonishing results.

One estate agents in Cumbria stated, "Aerial photography is one of the most effective ways of marketing your home and adding perceived value to your property.

"Our research indicates that showing your home from an aerial perspective significantly increases the likelihood that buyers will click through for further details."

Cost is always a factor which is why we always offer the best rates, the best equipment and the best results.

For those clients who desire regular images we offer highly competitive volume discounts. Contact us today to discover how you can offer the best aerial photography at the very best prices to your clients.



















Creating History

As well as keeping busy providing aerial photography throughout Cumbria, Ian, our Operations Director for the Northern region also volunteers as an emergency response pilot with the UK Civil Air Patrol.

In late December he joined a multi-agency response to the flooding in Yorkshire, helping to provide aerial reconnaissance for the Army and emergency services.

The Civil Air Patrol deployed 4 aircraft over a two day period across the affected areas, relaying images back to the emergency planning teams on the ground.

Ian was the first pilot to deploy a UAV on behalf of the Civil Air Patrol on the UK mainland ensuring Clear Vision Imaging's place in their history books.

To read more about the operation click here to visit the Civil Air Patrol's main website.



















Civil Protection

In conjunction with the Civil Air Patrol (CAP) we're currently offering a special reduced rate for all clients engaged in civil protection work.

If you're part of local government or a central government agency such as the Environment Agency, Highways Agency, emergency services, or in any way involved in civil contingency work this may apply to you.

Contact us today to learn about our special CAP reduced rates and see if you can take advantage of this special offer.



Civil Aviation Authority

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is the UK's specialist aviation regulator and has authority over all commercial UAV operations.

It is illegal to operate any UAV in the UK for commercial consideration without holding permission from the CAA.

Clear Vision hold a current CAA Permission for Aerial Work with UAVs in the UK. Our CAA ID is 1400.